Parents play an integral and primary role in sacramental instruction of their children. When a parent presents their child for baptism, they acknowledge their role in raising their child in the Catholic faith, someday becoming a full participant in the other sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist, and ConfirmationNativity is here to assist you in the fulfillment of that role.  At our parish, we structure Confirmation preparation so that you, as parent, and your child's sponsor may directly participate in the Confirmation program.



Classes begin each September. Call our Faith Formation Office (813) 689-9101 to schedule your initial preparation program interview.


  • When? - Preparation sessions are held on Sunday afternoons.
  • Where? - Sessions are typically held in the Youth Center's Life Lounge (Southeast entrance)
  • Who? - Youth seeking confirmation along with parents and sponsors, who should attend certain sessions during the process.
  • Each June, those entering 9th grade will receive a letter to begin Confirmation preparation if you are a graduate of Nativity Catholic School or if you completed your 8th grade year in our religious education program.
  • Bring a completed registration form to your interview. 
  • Interviews take approximately 20 minutes, and is reviewed with both youth and parent.
  • Preparation program begins in September/October.
  • The Sacrament is celebrated in January or February of the following year.
  • Adult classes are formed throughout the year and the celebration of the sacrament takes place during the Easter season.


Choosing a Confirmation Saint/ Escogiendo un Santo Patrón Sponsor Letter of Eligibility



Adult Preparation for Confirmation

Preparation is offered through our Faith Formation Office.  They are here to assist you with any questions you may have about the requirements. 
Call our Faith Formation Office

(813) 689-9101 for dates and times of upcoming classes.

Prepation consists of 6 classes and is offered 2-3 times per year in English. 

Clases de español se ofrecen una vez al año.

Requirements for the celebration of the sacrament include:

  • Copy of Baptismal Certificate
  • Information regarding your current marital status.

Link to RCIA for Adults

Confirmation - A Deeper Understanding

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