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What is RCIA?

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

What Adults Need to Know Before Becoming Catholic

RICA- Proceso en Español

  • Here at Nativity, an adult can begin RCIA, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, process at any time. 
  • First, please contact our Christina Beu, Faith Formation Director at (813) 689-9101.
  • When you enroll in Nativity's RCIA program, interested adults will spend time in an Inquiry group where they will be able to learn much about and ask questions regarding the Catholic faith, and they will have the opportunity to share their own faith journey.
  • You will have an RCIA sponsor, a current Catholic adult, who is willing to share your faith journey and guide you through your preparation.
  • After Inquiry, one becomes part of the  Catechumenate and attends 10:30 Sunday Mass together as a group, and after the homily, you will gather together to reflect on Scriptures and their lessons for our daily lives. 
  • Members of the catechumenate also gather as a group on Sunday Mornings from 8:30am until 10:30am Mass in the St. Francis room in our Social Hall.
  • Those who are coming from another Christian denomination are asked to also participate in the Inquiry and Catechumenal process by coming to Wednesday night classes and Sunday, 10:30 Mass.  They will join the Catholic faith by offering  a “Profession on Faith”, and then receiving  the Sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Eucharist. 

After this wonderful discovery and faith-filled process, at the Easter Vigil those Catechumens seeking Baptism are baptized during that Mass.

Preparación para recibir los sacramentos (Bautismo, Confirmación, Eucaristía y Penitencia) se ofrece los domingos por la mañana de 10:30 a.m.. a 12:00 p.m.  Estas clases se ofrecen para los jóvenes no bautizados mayores de 8 años de edad.  Adultos no bautizados y bautizados reciben instrucción en la fe en ese momento también.

Además de las clases de miércoles por la noche, los participantes en RICA asisten a la misa en español de las 12:30 p.m. los domingos.  Después de la homilía, los miembros son 'despedidos' de aquellos reunidos en la misa para hablar de las escrituras y las lecciones que la palabra de Dios tiene para vivir una vida cristiana Católica.

El tiempo de permanencia en RICA variará dependiendo de la persona. Para obtener más información, o para registrarse, póngase en contacto con la Oficina de Formacion de Fe 689.9101.

The length of time spent in Inquiry and Catechumenate will vary depending on the individual. For those who are unbaptized, the time involved is at least a year. For baptized Christians from other churches, the preparation time usually is shorter.

Individuals seeking Baptism are baptized, confirmed, and receive Holy Eucharist during the Great Easter Vigil. Those Christians seeking to join the Catholic Church by making a Profession of Faith do so during Mass three or four times a year.

The length of time spent in RICA will vary depending on the individual.  For more information, or to register, contact Christina Beu at 813.689.9101.


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