Stewardship Council

The Stewardship Council works to unite the parish community by utilizing to its greatest potential, the abundant gifts that God has given us.  Each of our parish members has special gifts of time, talent, and tresure.  It is our goal to help our pastor and parishioners to recoginize the gifts that they have been blessed with and to identify the needs of the parish and offer opportunites for them to give back in areas where they would fill the need.

The Stewardship Council assits with the Annual Pastoral Appeal (APA), Stewardship Recommitment, Ministiry Fair, Ministry Leader Morning, and assist with the Parish Information booth at Novemberfest.

The Stewardship Council is always welcoming new members. 
Please contact Cindy Ehringer in the Church Office for more information. 
813-681-4608 email



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Online Giving

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